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You take down a city! In addition to being a skilled hacker and cyber-terrorist, he is the father of Felicity Smoak. He was portrayed by Tom Amandes. Contents History Unchained After finding out Roy Harper’s secret, he blackmails him into stealing parts for building a web nuke. To ensure Roy’s loyalty, he watches him through a lens in his right eye, allowing him to see everything Roy sees. While Roy is stealing the last part, a battery from Palmer Tech, he is stopped by Oliver and his team.

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The team learns she’s killing couples on their wedding day so Oliver and Felicity decide to pose as bait. Download p p Episode When Oliver realizes that Felicity, Thea and Donna are trapped in Palmer Tech with everyone else, he looks to a surprising ally to help Team Arrow save the day. Meanwhile, Laurel gets a surprising offer. Meanwhile, Lance refuses to believe his daughter is really gone and asks Nyssa to help bring her back.

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Sara’s aberration by Stand with Ward and Queen reviews Sara faced the man who killed her sister and wasn’t able to control her emotions. Now, she has created another timeline where Damien Darhk never came to Star City and thus Oliver never became the green Arrow. Or at least he didn’t until his past came back to haunt him. Season five AU where nothing in season four happened. Laurel Lance, John D. Barry expected to be sent to the Speed Force Prison for unending agony.

When Evelyn and Rory find blood at the location where Rene had been beaten, Felicity tracks a van that pulled away from that building — and feeds the location to Oliver.

And seeing as how every woman in Ollie’s life winds up horrifically murdered, we understand why you might have jumped to conclusions after witnessing Felicity Emily Bett Rickards being gunned down in December’s midseason finale. But there is one major reason Felicity can’t be dead and it starts with an “O. In the comics, Oracle is the alias for Barbara Gordon, a. Batgirl, after the Joker cripples her.

Once confined to a wheelchair, Oracle used technology and computers to help superheroes in their duty. Does that sound like anybody we know? Since we doubt Oliver’s vindictive ex Helena is about to join the squad, there’s a good chance we could see Thea Willa Holland step up to fill the Huntress’ role in the Birds of Prey.

And how great would that be? A team of three badass women—Felicity, Laurel, and Thea—united together in a fight against crime. Where do I sign up? In addition to potentially opening up new relationships for Felicity with Laurel and Thea, the evolution into Oracle would be an incredible opportunity to showcase new sides of Felicity. Since her introduction as the nervous IT girl with a crush on her boss, Felicity has grown into one of the most lovable and badass characters on TV.

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Roy needs to learn the rules now that #Olicity is dating!:)) #Arrow 3×08 “The Brave and the Bold” – Roy, Cisco, Felicity and Thea. Jennifer Vong.

Watch Arrow season 4 episode 11 live: Goth Felicity visits; Laurel heading to her grave? The upcoming episodes of “Arrow” 4B will feature Roy’s return and Felicity’s wheelchair troubles. Jan 27, However, apart from the funnier initial episodes featuring Oliver Stephen Amell and Felicity’s Emily Bett Rickards relationship, it has been as dark as ever, considering Felicity is now in a wheelchair and someone close to Team Arrow will die.

The upcoming season 4 episode 11 “A.

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The season consisted of 23 episodes altogether. Contents [ show ] Synopsis One year ago, Oliver Queen was rescued after being stranded on an island for five years. In place of the playboy he was, Oliver returned as a man bent on righting the wrongs of his family and those who had corrupted his city, as a hooded vigilante. After his failure to stop Malcolm Merlyn from destroying the Glades and the consequent death of his best friend Tommy Merlyn , Oliver abandons his hood out of guilt.

However, Oliver is forced to return to save both his family’s company and his family, as Starling City has fallen into further ruin since the Undertaking. During the flashbacks, Oliver is forced to deal with Dr.

It would also be the right kind of incentive for Felicity to push Oliver in that direction, especially since Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and Mama Smoak (Charlotte Ross) are dating, making Laurel and Felicity almost sisters.

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Felicity is very intelligent and extremely proficient with electronics, which is why both Walter and Oliver initially approached her for help in their separate problems. When she finds evidence confirming his suspicions, Walter asks her to stop looking further because he didn’t want to put her in more danger. However, she stubbornly continues to look into it, and after Walter is kidnapped, she realizes that he might have been taken due to the things she found.

Roy uses Felicity’s computer to try to find Thea’s location and shows her the note that Thea left him. Felicity tells him that he has to tell Oliver about what really happened with Thea leaving.

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Publication history[ edit ] The character first appeared as Green Arrow ‘s teenage sidekick Speedy , a name by which he was known for over fifty years, in More Fun Comics 73 November and was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp. Origin, Teen Titans, addiction and fatherhood[ edit ] Green Lantern vol. Under Brave Bow’s tutelage, Roy became a remarkable archer.

Roy Harper as Speedy. Art by Tom Grummett.

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OyHumbug Roy’s stressed, Felicity is the root of his frustration, and Oliver is a convenient target for Roy to unleash all of his discontent upon. Digg’s there, too, so it’s a regular Team Arrow bonding session In the process, Roy learns some valuable If You Like It Rating: Roy’s stressed, Felicity is the root of his frustration, and Oliver is a convenient target for Roy to unleash all of his discontent upon. Humor, Romance, Flash Fic Status: I’ll be back with more Strategic Withdraw soon, but this prompt just said something else to me besides that story.

Arrow/The Flash – Oliver VS. Barry, Felicity Kiss [HD]