We also Print our discs Thermally and they are fully waterproof. Therefore it is very important to have the latest available maps in your Navigation System. New bypasses are built, one-way systems suddenly appear, and all kinds of alterations are introduced to road layouts. All this can be very confusing if you aren’t armed with the most up-to-date route information. Another example of our products. Hi Rusty,just a big thank you for the sat nav update you sent me for my 05 B. Hello rusty, Just a small message to say thank you so much for your help in getting my disc sorted in my car, exceptional service from yourself and a excellent product you have provided, I cannot recommend you highly enough, once again thank you for all your help Geoff Isle of sheppey Kent. Received my BMW nav update today Rusty.

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Furthermore, the majority of all the male skeletons from the European Neolithic period have so far yielded Y-DNA belonging to this haplogroup. The oldest skeletons confirmed by ancient DNA testing as carrying haplogroup G2a were five found in the Avellaner cave burial site, near Les Planes d’Hostoles , in Catalonia , Spain and were dated by radiocarbon dating to about BCE.

This skeleton could not be dated by radiocarbon dating, but other skeletons there were dated to between 5, and 6, years old. The Iceman belongs to haplogroup G2a2b [11] earlier called G2a4. Haplogroup G2a2b is a rare group today in Europe.

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It appears every week, on Thursday. Below you’ll find the website version, which is also renewed after every following weekend usually on Sunday evening. For subscription to the EEF, the moderated scholarly mailinglist for mainstream Egyptology, see http: The EEF list also has a daily digest option and a weekly digest option, and has monthly archives digests and archives are all sorted by topic. Lectures and symposiums II New: V Books and Journals Corner:


A tricky subject that expats and Taiwanese can talk about endlessly. I have not yet found the time to really dig into it, but I stumbled upon two videos I highly recommend for anyone interested in the dynamics of Taiwanese-Foreigner relationships and their perception by Taiwanese society. Nationalism and girls who date foreigners Some Taiwanese refer to local girls dating Western i. My German blog entry about this subject: That is why this video is worth watching.

Click CC for English subtitles.

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Indem sich die Massenmedien im Haben somit die Massenmedien zu einem Unterschied in unserem emotionalen Leben beigetragen und wenn ja, was ist die Natur dieses Unterschiedes? Da diese Forschungsfragen einen breiten Rahmen abstecken, wendet Eva Illouz Methoden aus verschiedenen Wissenschaften an: Der zweite Prozess war die Kommodifizierung der Romantik seit dem Eine Frau durfte sich erst hingeben, nachdem die ernsten Absichten des werbenden Mannes festgestellt worden waren.

Seit den er bis zu den er Jahren sind die klinischen Psychologen zur dominanten Gruppe geworden. Psychologen, aus allen Schulen, haben das geltende Narrativ einer Selbstverbesserung des Subjekts des Dies sind die Wurzeln einer modernen Berater- und Selbstverbesserungskultur. Durch diese Begriffe seien neue Modelle sowohl des Sozialverhaltens als auch der Kommunikation kreiert worden: Wenn man mit einer entsprechenden Selbstbeschreibung an diesem Verfahren teilnimmt, unterwirft man sich einer radikalen Konsumhaltung und einer Objektivierung des Selbst.

Wenn ja, wie konnten sie sich diese Vorteile aneignen und welcher Art sind diese?

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The coins minted during his reign influenced the future of coinage on three continents, and incorporated symbols that are still widely used in coins today. Of course, coinage was only one of the facets of history affected by Alexander. Widely acknowledged as one of the greatest generals that ever lived, Alexander was only 20 years old when he became the king of Macedonia. In just thirteen short years, he changed the face of the world. By the time of his death in B.

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The national flag consists of an equilateral white cross on a red background, each arm of the cross being one-sixth longer than its width. The Swiss franc SwFr of centimes, or rappen, is the national currency. There are coins of 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 centimes and 1, 2, and 5 francs, and notes of 10, 20, 50, , , and 1, francs. The metric system is the legal standard. Comparatively, the area occupied by Switzerland is slightly less than twice the size of New Jersey.

Bounded on the n by Germany , on the e by Liechtenstein and Austria , on the se and s by Italy, and on the w and nw by France , Switzerland has a total boundary length of 1, km 1, mi. Switzerland’s capital city, Bern, is located in the western part of the country. The central portion of the Alps, around the St. The highest point in Switzerland is the Dufourspitze of Monte Rosa at 4, m 15, ft ; the lowest is the shore of Lake Maggiore at less than m ft.

Switzerland has 1, lakes, more than 12, smaller bodies of water, and many waterfalls. Switzerland also contains more than 1, glaciers, many the relics of Pleistocene glaciation. The largest area of permanent ice is in the Valais. South of the Alps, the canton of Ticino has a warm, moist, Mediterranean climate, and frost is almost unknown.

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Michael Leunig Posted date: Dezember 15, In: I gladly accepted but within a week was informed by the museum that the invitation had been withdrawn because of my views on Israel. Although I had been somewhat critical of aggressive Israeli government policies I had never publicly outlined my broad views on Israel and was puzzled by the cancellation and bemused by the gross irony of being excluded from a discussion about conscience because I had acted with conscience in my work.

Upon reflection I wondered if an internal philosophical disagreement lay behind this peculiar cancellation.

Das Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV) war im Fall des Breitscheidplatz-Attentäters Anis Amri offenbar aktiver als von der Behörde behauptet.

G-P This is the home page for men who have the P mutation but negative for its subgroup. Eventually whole Y sequencing will identify new SNPs that will allow men in this category to become yet another main group of general G. This is an incredibly tiny subgroup of G men. Virtually all P men belong to one of its subgroups. P men represent a branch of M , the mutation which all G men share.

See the G-M tab on the left for information about G in general. Because P dominates just about everywhere in the world over its M sister subgroup, this page will detail all the general speculation about the P group in its entirely and what is really known of this massive subgroup.

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Sleeping Beauty, Julia Leigh, mins 18 Never mind the pervy chic, this bewitching beauty casts a wicked spell Saturday 15 October Julia Leigh’s drama is, in a way, about an unearthly princess — but the connection with the fairy tale is oblique. By the same token, while Sleeping Beauty carries all the trappings of a glossy erotic drama, anyone expecting a titillating update of Belle de Jour or The Story of O should stand by to be perplexed by this glacial, cussedly enigmatic art film.

Sleeping Beauty comes endorsed by the director Jane Campion, though the film is closer to Catherine Breillat’s cerebral meta-porn outings. Leigh is a novelist, and this is her first time as writer-director. I have no idea whether Sleeping Beauty is of a piece with Leigh’s books The Hunter and Disquiet — but this elegant oddity, which is disquieting for sure, certainly makes me want to read them.

Finn Kiesewetter ist zurück in seiner alten Heimat Lübeck. Und in seinem alten Job. Die Vorabendserie “Morden im Norden”.

Pro Sieben Home Entertainment ddp news agency Advertising slots for were added for Switzerland in and Austria in Together with RTL , ProSieben operated a combined slot in Switzerland, which was cancelled after seven months in the spring of On 7 July , ProSieben went public, the shares were oversubscribed fold. This way a nonvoting preference was used to divide up the shares. A year later, the company was added to MDAX. Kirch Media AG held A news channel , N24 was started in , [6] it went on the air in early ProSieben wanted to compete with n-tv , which was very popular, mainly because of the stock market boom , and enlarge its family of channels.

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