How to Assemble Ford C4 Transmissions: Cruise

If your speedometer reads wrong, don’t suffer. A very easy operation. Simply lift the front of the car and find the cable going to the side of the tranny. The cable is removed easily and the gear slides into a metal housing that also is easily pried out of the tranny with a screwdriver. You need to calculate how far off your speedo is before you pull the gear. This particular gear has 22 teeth, so buying the 20 tooth gear makes the speedo more accurate, although I think it is still around 2 mph short at 70 MPH. Anyway, the point is, if you have an inaccurate speedo, its a very easy fix and inexpensive too.

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It removes the overlap and picks up Mopars approximately 0. Terry Earwood put it in the Super Stock black Hemi convertible of the Bowers Brothers and instantly went faster and more consistent. History was made that day as Turbo Action valve bodies, transmissions and converters were better than anything they had in their test vehicles! After many months of track testing the Turbo Hydro transmission became consistent with every shift and reliable.

I also went with the Lokar kick down switch on my JW performance turbo easy to hook up. I also changed my throttle pedal and linkage to Lokar, as my stock linkage was shot and the billet floor mount set up was real easy to install.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. I own a shop, and check this. Look to see if the hose is off the vacuum line that goes from the intake manifold to the line, and from there on down to the transmission. Down there is another hose that connects it to the vacuum modulator. It must have this on all the way, and in good working order, or your shift will be messed up.

There is a kick down cable that runs from the linkage on the carburetor that works passing gear, and goes to a lever on the side of the transmission. When the throttle is wide open, the cable must be pulled all the way, and without binding. If it is, then you must adjust it. If you don’t know how, then find someone that does, because it is hard to explain how to do it due to how the release on the cable works. The modulator controls the shift points, so if its getting vacuum, and no fluid runs out of the hose when you unplug it at the modulator, its probably ok.

If fluid runs out of it when you unplug the hose, then you have a bad one.

TH with no Vac

Powerglide was the first automatic transmission available on a low-priced car. As well as the last of its kind almost a quarter century later. The Hydramatic was efficient, but it was not very smooth. One needs to see these TC transmissions in a different light:

Let’s face it, transmissions can be tricky. It’s a very complex piece of machinery with more than enough components to keep an experienced mechanic busy for hours on end.

Buick called this transmission a Super Turbine from In , when the Super Turbine debuted, it was a fixed pitch design. The 64 models also incorporated a unique valve body that only had a Low and Drive range, even though it was a 3 speed transmission. If Low was selected above approximately 30 mph, it would only downshift to 2nd. Below 30 mph, it would go into 1st. To my knowledge, these early transmissions could not be converted to Switch Pitch and the valve bodies were unique to the one year only transmission case.

The switch pitch SP was also used between on Oldsmobile and some models of Cadillac as well. However the transmission was referred to as a Turbo Hydramatic by these other divisions. So, the name ST and TH are synonymous. Beginning in , they were all called Turbo Hydramatic. In order to get an understanding of how the valve body works, there are 3 types of oil pressure in the transmission that change shift points.

They are modulator mod , detent det and governor gov pressure. Each one will make the transmission shift earlier or later as they change.

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Turn the key-with your foot off the gas pedal-and within three spins of the crank, the engine jumps to life before settling into a steady rpm idle. Gino adds that part-throttle tip-in under light load was pretty good with the old double-pumper, and the Pro-Flo is a close match. Now it goes 7.

Product Description: This is the strong medicine for sick diesels! Are you experiencing sluggish performance, injector nailing, hard starting, poor fuel economy, lots of smoke, shaking, etc, then I would try this product first.

Forward Clutch Pack Installation Step 1: Install the forward clutch pack steels and frictions. Note that you start out with a waved apply steel. Install the snap ring and push it out tightly into the groove. Soak the frictions in ATF for at least 15 minutes prior to installation. Check for clutch pack clearance. Because the forward clutch is applied for all forward gears, it only needs some clearance to work correctly.

The frictions inside the drum should turn freely once the snap ring is in place.

Old, but any experts on TH / TH

Turbo is a 3 speed non overdrive transmission. Gear Ratios as follows: Many are not aware this 12in exists and refer to the 9in as long shaft, when its actually an intermediate shaft 4 4×4 Output shaft used to marry Turbo to Tcase with proper adapter. Apparently, there may be 2 different 4×4 Output sizes. Turbo Detent Cable must be hooked up to have kickdown passing gear function, and proper shift points.

Mustang Parts List: Visit All Classic Motors, Ltd. Specific Part Definitions and Quality Terms are defined below Q(Quality) Column legend: N=NOS (New Old Stock), R=Restored or Excellent Original, G=Good or Core Original, O=Identical to Factory original NOS, (may or may not have a Ford/Fomoco Logo or Engineering number).

Over the course of time I’ve repaired or rebuilt many of these but I’ve got something running around in my mind I can’t quite sort out. OK, here’s some background. Earlier this year I ran into a deal I couldn’t turn down. There were of course a few fine tuning items to be done but rebuilding the old Quadrajet and replacing the power steering hoses was cheap, topping off the R Freon charge was a bit expensive as it has a rear AC unit as well. According to the books it should have come with a TH but best I can tell the one that’s in it is original.

Changed the vacuum modulator as preventative and it’s dialed in at 14 psi but here’s the deal. The shifts seem to occur just fine, but it tends to think a bit longer than I’d like to go from 2 – 3.

Vacuum Modulator c6 (Diaphragm)

The R4 is a fine example of a computer-operated transmission with mysterious lock-up converters and wiring harnesses where vacuum modulators should be. Have no fear, these trannies are as simple to adjust as the venerable TH and If the TV is not properly adjusted, the trans will shift too soon, too soft, too late, or not at all. Take the car for a testdrive with the shifter in Drive. At light to medium throttle, make a note of the shift-point mph.

Jan 20,  · The turbo like a uses a vacuum modulator which is located on the passager side of the t this to a manifold vacuum source. The speedo cable attaches on the drivers side just before the tail of the transmission.

As is common in automotive manufacturing, the sophomore model of any production vehicle is often a carryover from its inaugural year, with the changes occurring to correct for errors in the initial design — errors that are often identified as the result of feedback from both the automotive media and consumers alike. This was definitely the case for the Corvette. The exterior door handles were changed from the conventional door grip with thumb button to a single-piece door lever that was depressed as the door was gripped during opening.

A new headlight washer system was introduced and the windshield washer jets were relocated to the wiper arms. The hidden wiper system, which allowed the wiper blades to be concealed when not in use, was further complicated for the model year when engineers introduced an override switch to the system that allowed the vacuum-operated panel to be left up during freeze conditions.

The wheels were again increased in size — from 7 inches to 8 inches. Lastly, optional side mount exhaust pipes RPO N14 and side fender chrome vent trim inserts RPO TJ2 were introduced which, like the Stingray nameplate, were probably the only other notable characteristics that would help differentiate the and model years. It also featured steel-reinforced body sills, door hinge pillars and lock pillars, plus lateral steel cross-member integrating front pillars.

The coupe also featured supporting members that enclosed the passenger compartment with protective steel framing. The Corvette convertible added the additional amenity of a fold down top that stowed away beneath a double-locking, spring-loaded cover panel. For , Chevrolet offered an optional luggage rack for the rear decklid of the Corvette.

The interior received a number of minor, but significant changes. First, a new, smaller steering wheel was introduced, trimmed back an inch for more under-rim thigh clearance. Interior door handles and control knobs were redesigned to improve upon safety.

Engine dies when put in gear

This switch has a wire going down to the transmission to a detent solenoid inside the transmission that caused the transmission to drop down a gear below 70 mph. We took off the QJet carb almost immediately after we bought the car, replacing it with a Holley carb. You can skip down to wiring part of this article. There you have several choices. The instructions say you should reuse the TH kickdown cable bracket.

We found a TH kickdown bracket for a small block Chevy that was lying in our spare parts bin.

Jul 15,  · turbo vac modulator adjustinment. Also, the modulator is hooked up and I screwed the adjustment in some. I don’t like to downshift the trans manually while passing or whatever. #5 The Vacuum Modulator and Governor oil pressure control part throttle/cruise shift timing. The Governor by itself controls WOT/WideOpenThrottle shift timing.

The 2-speed Jetaway trans used behind the V-8 [not the L6] in the models also utilized a switch pitch torque converter. For a transmission built during these three years, you can identify the transmission as having the switch pitch parts by the electrical connector on the side of the trans case. A run-of-the-mill TH will have a single spade terminal protruding from the case to activate the kickdown solenoid valve. A switch pitch aka variable vane trans will have two terminals one for kickdown, one for vane angle.

The TCS is wired to a pressure switch connected to the accumulator piston area, that allows full vacuum to the distributor only when the car is in third gear when the engine is cold. There probably is two wires coming from the thermostatic vacuum switch on the front of the manifold. The other indicator for the switch-pitch converter would be the switch on the throttle linkage which kicks in the high-stall speed at idle and at WOT and, I believe, on those years it also controls the kickdown.

So, a single terminal is proof that the trans is not a switch pitch unit. Also if one is certain that the trans is a or earlier unit didn’t these have the horseshoe-shaped indentation in the tranny pan due to the early-design filter? Later is it up? TH s with two terminals indicate TCS.

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The easiest way to tell them apart is with their pan shapes. But this photo also illustrates their outward appearance. CHP The password for cool ’90s street performance is Late-model automatic and manual overdrive transmissions are quickly becoming the sweethearts of the street set. Not that long ago, a fast street car meant compromises, including deep gears, high-rpm highway cruising, and poor mileage.

But the high-tech ’80s and ’90s have brought us more than just electronic fuel injection.

Dec 06,  · It sounds exactly like what a friend had happen with his truck with a turbo They forgot to hook up the vacuum line, and it wouldn’t shift. Yours may have gotten loose and fallen : Resolved.

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Complete Spec List The Corvette was virtually unchanged from Image courtesy of GM Media. Because the production of the cars would remain virtually unchanged from to , production lines in the St. Louis Corvette plant were able to work in earnest to produce — to create — a more trouble-free car. Vince Shanks, the plant manager of the St. In addition to the Federally sanctioned mandates on reducing exhaust emission outputs, Edward Cole who was now president of General Motors had decreed that all GM cars would be capable of running on fuel with a Research Octane Number RON no higher than 91 Octane.

Jun 04,  · Also the C uses a vacuum modulator and the C didn’t. Also a C can be built up to C specs if you have the parts as the only difference is the .

The following tables are necessary or useful to complete the cable and connector descriptions given in this document. The following is common information, which is used in the wire tables which follow: An A and B designation for the two wires in a pair is sometimes useful. LETTER” is given for convenience for use with multi-pin connectors that are wired to follow this standard color code sequence. An A and B designation is given for use with paired cables.

LETTER” is given for convenience for use with multi-pin connectors that are wired following this standard color code sequence. When there are more than 36 conductors 18 pairs, some of the colors will be repeated and repeated. In the latter cases, the lay or position of a wire in the inner or outer layers must be considered to uniquely identify a conductor. Each pair consists of a white or red wire and a black wire. The white or red wire of the pair has a number imprinted on it and is the first or “A” wire of the pair.

The black wire is the “B” wire of the pair. Thus, the white or red wires, in general unless otherwise noted, go in numerical sequence onto the odd number terminal block flags, and the black wires go onto the even number flags Also, the drain from the overall shield is not connected unless specifically so instructed. Colors are given in the sequence of Body, First wide tracer, Second narrow tracer, and Third narrow tracer. There is no assurance that other segments will have the same colors associated with the same numbers.

1971 Chevy vacuum lines