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Kirschner pianos are made in attractive case designs and of durable construction and pleasing tone quality. They are intended for the popular trade, and in that they have won recognition and a wide sale. The factories at Bellevue. Iowa, are extensive and perfectly equipped for speedy and accurate production. The distinguished and time-honored instruments which bear this celebrated name are manufactured by Wm. Knabe pianos have an artistic record dating back to the year , when the instrument was founded by the late Wm. Knabe, in Baltimore, Md. Knabe had been working in different factories before he established his own instrument, having arrived in this country in His earlier knowledge had been acquired in the famous factories of Germany. Re was a man of great mechanical ability and possessed of ideals which mark the man of genius.

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The French campaigns in Germany in prevented him from studying to become an apothecary like his father, and instead he apprenticed with a cabinet maker , after which he worked two years as a journeyman cabinet maker, then for three years for a piano maker in Gotha , before working as a journeyman piano maker in different cities in Germany. Knabe worked for the well-known pianomaker Henry Hartge, and eventually abandoned his plans to become a farmer.

Four years later he started selling and repairing used pianos from his house at the corner of Liberty and Lexington Streets.

Knabe is a long respected name in piano building, dating back to They are considered one of the finest makers of quality, American pianos along with Steinway and Chickering. Knabes built during the late 19th century were well-constructed and beautifully designed.

We maintain a current piano rating system, pricing guide and select model reviews as well as up-to-date information on all makes and models of pianos available today. Need particular information on your piano? We can answer your emails and get right back to you, as one of our expert technicians will research your question and answer it promptly. Try it now, while this service is still free! MMR reviews and other “piano of the year” type awards.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whenever you see a dealer award for “Piano of the Year” or “Piano line of the Year. The MMR award winners are the lines that do the best for the dealers.

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The manufacturing facilities at East Rochester consist of over , sq. Aeolian was one of America’s largest producers of grand pianos. Factories were located at East Rochester N. Aeolian probably produced more instruments than any other company in the U. In William G. Heller and associates acquired the Sears interest and devoted the production to defense work during World War II.

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You can look up a free piano serial number history search from this page see list of manufacturers, below. Piano serial numbers usually have five to seven digits, but may have fewer or more, depending on the manufacturer and age of your piano. Serial numbers may also include a letter as well. Serial number locations are found: After lifting up the lid, look along the top front area of the plate. The serial number may be to the right or the left, or in the middle.

If you cannot find the serial number in any of the locations listed on this page, please watch the video below, to help find more piano serial number locations. Look to the right or to the left. Located on the right, this acts as a ‘bridge’ to the ‘beams’ of the cast iron plate. Serial number is often hidden and stamped on the other side, facing the keys.

On the front of the [b] action frame after the keyslip is removed , or stamped on [c] one or both of the cheek blocks, viewed to the right and left of the piano’s keyboard. On older pianos, you may find screws, underneath the keyslip, that need to be removed lift up, in most cases to view the action frame. The serial number may be stamped on the frame’s wooden base, immediately under the keys. To the right and left of the keys are two end cheek blocks, which are each secured down with a giant bolt or screw, which passes through the piano’s keybed, both of which must be removed, to access the interior of the piano see video, above.

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Knabe Pianos remain as one of the most celebrated piano brands in the world. Despite the long pattern of turnovers and shifts from one owner to another, the long list of turnovers has not changed the quality of the products and the satisfaction Knabe pianos give to whomever plays them. Company History The start of Wm. After his move to the United States from Germany, William Knabe worked for a well-known piano maker, Henry Hartge, and four years later, in , Knabe started selling and repairing used pianos on his own.

Knabe Baby Grand Piano – $ (Muncy) Williamsport, PA mile Knabe baby grand piano — Knabe pianos are known as the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera House.

This kind of scene has become increasingly common. The value of used pianos, especially uprights, has plummeted in recent years. So instead of selling them to a neighbor, donating them to a church or just passing them along to a relative, owners are far more likely to discard them, technicians, movers and dealers say. Piano movers are making regular runs to the dump, becoming adept at dismantling instruments, selling parts to artists, even burning them for firewood.

It is strange to think of them as disposable as tissues. Yet economic and cultural forces have made many used pianos, with the exception of Steinway s and a few other high-end brands, prone to being jettisoned. With thousands of moving parts, pianos are expensive to repair, requiring long hours of labor by skilled technicians whose numbers are diminishing. Excellent digital pianos and portable keyboards can cost as little as several hundred dollars.

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It sounds great and looks wonderful in our home. Thanks for all of your service. Knabe learned the art of cabinet and piano making through apprenticeships, dedication and hard work.

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Craftsmanship The craftsmanship that makes the Knabe the World’s Best Piano is not the acquisition of one generation, but a pedigree of skills that have run through more than three hundred years. Not merely by the masters of this great industry, but in the families of employees where sons have succeeded fathers at the head of some particular branch of the art, and who in great part have suggested improvements where possible.

Making a great grand piano starts with the determination to not compromise in any aspect of the design, materials and craftsmanship. Through the years since its inception, the piano has been technically refined to the point of near perfection. There are time honored design features and specific materials that are known to produce the finest musical results.

Some components are ideally made of spruce while others require maple or hornbeam.

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History[ edit ] Hugo Sohmer was born as the son of a physician in Dunningen , a village near Rottweil , on the foothills of the Black Forest , Germany. He spent two years travelling in Europe continuing to study piano making, and returned to New York in Sohmer advertised their upright and square pianos [6] had been awarded the First Medal of Merit, as well as the Diploma of Honour at the Centennial International Exhibition in Philadelphia and displayed the awards in later instruments although the system of awarding prizes had led to notable public disagreement among piano manufacturers.

Feb 16,  · A visit to his home uncovers console instruments pre-dating the piano, and in addition a few Steinway, Baldwin, Mason and Hamlin and other hand-made pianos. Estrin gives show level pianos to various musicians, workmanship focuses, schools .

I was told that the piano still had some work left to be done and that I would receive the piano within weeks. On the same day I wired Mike Prisco the payment for the piano he said that he would work to arrange shipment through Keyboard Carriage and would get back to me with a ship date. I never heard back from Mike so I began trying to contact him the week of November 2.

When I got a hold of him he said he was in the middle of downsizing and moving his facility and that he would complete the work on the piano the following week the week of November 9th and arrange for shipment after that, so that I could expect the piano to arrive the first week in December. I waited until November 13 or 14th without hearing anything from Mike and then I tried contacting him again. I finally got a hold of Mike on Monday, November 17th and he told me he still needed to put he bass strings on the piano and that he would be calling Keyboard Carriage the next day Tuesday to arrange shipment.

He said he would call me on Tuesday with a ship date, and of coarse I never heard back from him on Tuesday. So, I began calling again on Wednesday and when I got a hold of Mike he said he was in the middle of working on a very important deal and asked if he could call me back. I agreed but never heard back from him.

So, I call again later in the evening on Wednesday until “Jay” the “shop forman” answered and said Mike had a family emergency and would be unavailable for a few days. Jay got a little short with me when I began making inquiries regarding the pianos delivery. Now all of a sudden all the metal parts had all been sent back to Mason and Hamiln for replating and to shorten a very lengthy conversation, there was much more work that needed to be done on the piano than what Mike said needed to be done in our pervious conversation.

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