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Have researched coverage questions, good faith claim investigation practices, state compliance, case resolution strategies, Medicare Secondary Payer Act and BEST practices for the resolution of all lines of commercial coverage within most U. Consulted extensively on litigation defense strategy, effects of offers of entry of judgment and consent judgments. Participate regularly in the audit of litigated files. Provide expertise to the regions in casualty, property, business auto, workers compensation and inland marine. Resolved professional liability claims for other insurers as defense counsel. California Department of Veterans Affairs Represented the Department in court, in Examinations Under Oath, at appraisal, arbitration and mediation, and in administrative law courts regarding disputes involving Insurance, Employment, and Real Property Law. Prepared instructions for departmental personnel for promulgation of regulations in support of department programs and compliance with Adminstrative Procedures Act. Conducted real property litigation, unlawful detainer actions and argued motions for relief from the automatic stay to recover Cal Vet property. Prepare opinions regarding the legality of current or proposed activities. Oversaw staff and outside adjusters.

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Battlefield 1 Easter patch adds mid-round team balancer, makes bloom less blinding By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 29 March The update is out now for all Battlefield 1 players, clocking in at around 3. This Easter patch lessens the effect of bloom, or exposure adjustment, players get when viewing bright environments from darker, indoor areas. This most commonly happens when you spend a few seconds in a building then run outside or go towards a window. The light of the environment outside the room blinds you for a split-second before your eyes readjust.

This effect has now been lessened, though DICE noted that this will have a greater effect on certain maps but not so much on others.

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If your org has Data. In just a few clicks, you can set up and activate the new Company Info for Leads clean rule for your organization. Then, valuable company information from Data. Create a record page from scratch, or make a copy of an existing record page right from the Setup menu. Add Your App Pages to Lightning Experience Give your users easy access to the objects and items that are most important in your custom app by activating it for Lightning Experience. Assign Filters to Report Chart Components in Lightning Experience You can now assign a filter to the data displayed in a Report Chart standard Lightning component when it displays on record pages in Lightning Experience.

If you set a filter option for a Report Chart component on a record page, the component displays only that filtered data when users view the page. Should the process stop, or should it continue evaluating the next criteria in the process? Best of all, executing multiple action groups in a single process makes it easy to manage all of your processes for a given object, like a Case, in one place.

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Forest has been expanded around this deploy zone in order to provide cover E-line mountain north of E2 and E3 has been roughed up a bit and added more trees in order to make this area more interesting to fight in Added a house along the road from E3 — O1. This will provide more interesting combat in this area, by providing a vantage point to control the movement between points Added bikes and a civilian truck to O1 deploy zone O2 deploy zone expanded substantially to now include three exits according to community suggestions.

This should decrease farming. The area set dressing has changed in order to accommodate the larger zone Moved hard to reach Panzerfaust crate at B2 Fixed flickering floor in garage at D2 Fixed visual gap in riverbank wall Fixed slightly hovering boat near O2 Forward Airfield Added row of trees along the C-line road to provide more interesting combat between C1 and C2 Replaced stone fence along C-line with a wooden fence for better artistic integration with new C3 C3 expanded according to community suggestion.

Fixed white thin line after 3rd class name in dropdown Fixed Join Channel: Wrong tooltip text being shown for 4th equipment slot for non-veteran players Fixed soldier screen:

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you’ll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter “giraffe” and you’ll get .

I’ve been sharing this with various dev members. They truly appreciate the civility and objectivity of the discussion and how the first page is very easy for them to navigate with a list of the propositions. We’re looking at a variety of systems to evaluate. While the first steps might just be bandaid fixes to reduce the clouding, an overall solution won’t be so easily done Even the bandaids require careful consideration.

To touch upon one of the ideas, one of the proposed solutions, the feeder pool of inactive bases, is something that would only fix things temporarily. Inactive bases are already fed into the leagues at all levels. If we were to move some of the lower league inactives into the clouded league, this would push those inactive bases down the league points even further, eventually making them unavailable at the higher tiers.

Now there are ways to artificially manipulate this process, but the algorithmic kung fu trickery could really muck up the systems in a manner we don’t want. Artificially manipulating inflation in matchmaking systems is not something you do lightly. Feeding inactive bases or creating bot bases, etc.

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In Depth—Beyond the Basics, Beneath the Surface The In Depth series goes beyond the basics and dives beneath the surface of a technology to provide a detailed, thorough, and comprehensive look at a topic. You can rely upon the In Depth series to provide breakthrough techniques and shortcuts and practical, real-world examples that you can apply every day. Conrad Carlberg’s Microsoft Excel Analytics Series Conrad Carlberg, a nationally recognized expert on quantitative analysis and data analysis applications, shows you how to use Excel to perform a wide variety of analyses to solve real-world business problems.

Employing a step-by-step tutorial approach, Carlberg delivers clear explanations of proven Excel techniques that can help you increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

English vocabulary word lists and various games, puzzles and quizzes to help you study them.

The As Needed option ensures that an executeQuery operation on the view object initially retrieves only as many rows as necessary to fill the first page of a display. The number of rows is set based on the view object’s range size. The default value is 1, which may impact performance unless only 1 row is fetched.

Max Fetch Size The default max fetch size for a View Object is -1, which means that there is no limit to the number of rows the View Object can fetch. Setting a max fetch size of 0 zero makes the View Object insert-only. In cases where the result set should only contain n rows of data, the option Only Up to Row Number should be selected and set or call setMaxFetchSize N to set this programmatically.

This option ensures that the view object knows not to expect any more rows and skips its normal test for that situation. In this case no select query is issued and no rows are fetched. Max fetch size can also be used to limit the impact from an non-selective query that may return hundreds or thousands of rows. In such cases, specifying the max fetch size limits the number of rows that can be fetched and stored into memory.

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Advanced Search Abstract Background: Suicide is higher among economically inactive and unemployed persons than employed persons. This paper investigates differences in this relationship by sex and age over the period to in Australia. It also examines changes in suicide among employed, unemployed and economically inactive persons during the recession of — Suicide data from the National Coroners Information System were utilised for this retrospective study.

Negative binomial and Poisson regression was used to estimate the association between suicide and employment status and to investigate differences in suicide rates over the period of the recession —09 compared with the year before the recession

I don’t follow why there’s voodoo magic required, unless the voodoo magic is just the adjustment of the system, which I would understand. But good attackers and defenders would move higher than good attackers OR defenders, who would move higher than poor attackers and defenders.

We wanted to take this opportunity to address those discussions, clarify some misconceptions, and mention some changes we plan to make. Right before we launched Heart of the Swarm, we announced that we were changing our targets for player distribution across leagues. For various reasons since that announcement, the distribution of players across leagues slowly shifted to no longer match those desired targets. Currently the lower leagues like bronze and silver have a larger percentage of players than desired.

Meanwhile the upper leagues like platinum and diamond are under-represented. One of the reasons this occurred is due to the way that we maintain those target percentages. Accordingly, around the time we release the 2. Thereafter, we expect to see a shift in the distribution of players across the leagues to their correct placement within the ladder. Because of the current bottom heavy distribution, many players may see a league promotion as a result of this change.

We implemented this automatic adjustment with Heart of the Swarm, after we found that players who returned to the ladder after a period of inactivity were frequently suffering a string of consecutive losses. That experience can be demotivating and discouraging. Since there is some confusion in the community, we want to make sure that the way this adjustment works is fully understood. Each ladder queue is adjusted separately.

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As of this patch the Archer is once again stomping onto the battlegrounds of the Inner Sphere, rounding out a lance of Classic Inner Sphere Heavies already comprised of the Marauder , Warhammer , and Rifleman. One of the primary motivators for the introduction of the Map and Game Mode voting system in last years November 3rd patch was to allow for the addition of new Game Modes to MechWarrior Online, without splitting the matchmaking pool.

Full details regarding the rules of Domination can be found in the dedicated section later in these patch notes.

I wanted a cheap mountain bike I could travel with and wouldn’t cry when someone broke into my car and stole it while I was purchasing moon pies out of the vending machine at a rest stop. It’s shakedown ride occurred at Tsali’s right and left overloop and the bike performed flawlessly. In spite of the low budget accessories and suspension, I witnessed no vague shifting and the brakes worked fantastically for any type, much less mechanical disc.

The front shock is surprisingly plush and offers adjustment for both rebound and preload. The rear shock MA Tough Shock lacks any adjustment other than spring preload, however and I detected some pogoing on slow climbs. Nothing too bad, just enough to make you notice. Gearing is such a preferential thing and I can’t deduct any points for it, but if you’re doing some serious climbing, a 30 tooth granny may turn your smile upside down. The only real complaint I can lay on the bike is it’s weight.

Stock setup is 35lb 14oz. That’s a lot of bike to pedal. In closing, for the money, I think it’s a fantastic bike to get you into the woods and is a fantastic bang for the buck. As an added bonus, it’s husky nature will be sure to get your heart pumping up those hills! Yes No December 26, rickbreth Pros:

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That includes changing the plan during a game, during a season and often during the team-building phase of the offseason. They are a game plan organization, looking for smart, versatile players that can help the organization shapeshift on a weekly basis depending on their opponent. Belichick and Tom Brady don’t stay married to a specific offensive philosophy for too long. Belichick repeatedly says he only worries about putting points on the board, no matter how it gets done.

They adjust their offense to their personnel perhaps more than any team. READ The last three seasons are instructive.

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Offensive Linemen By mid-November, the NFL’s precocious rookie wide-receiver cast was already rivaling the vaunted class as the best in pro football history. While Odell Beckham , Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin churned out highlight reels, less exciting talents such as Jordan Matthews and Jarvis Landry were still making plays on a weekly basis. For all of that record-breaking production, the strength of the class is in its depth as much as its stars.

You can use this tutorial not only for creating soccer or football competition like my sample, but also you can use it for any competitions that follow the same schemes. Define Participant Teams At the beginning, you need to define the number of teams that participate in the competition. I define 8 teams as participants in this tutorial Step 2: Define Competition or League Type You have to define the competition type. You will need this to control your fixtures table.

Although this one has no direct effects in the formula, it will give you additional concerns when you need additional factor to decide the competition winner, just in case there is a tie position for some teams when all competition matches are completed. For example, if you pick full competition type where each team will meet twice in home and away game, you can make the goal made by away team in away game have more weight than goal in home game as decision factor to rank the team.

Define Competition Rule You have participants, you already defined the competition type, now, you have to define rules needed to rank the team. And in this tutorial, I use the following rules to define the standing position: The final rank will be decided after all matches are finished 2. A team will get 3 points for winning, 1 point for draw and no points for defeat Competition Standing Rule: One team will be above other teams if it has more points than other teams 2.

If there are two or more teams have the same points, the higher rank will be decided by better goal differences 3. If there are two or more teams have the same points and the same goal differences, the higher rank will be decided by better goals scored for 4.

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